I’m a designer/maker with a passion for environmental sustainability. Using design as a tool to improve people’s lives, experience, and their understanding of quality products. Focussed on creating products with longevity the evoke emotion or an interaction with the user, ‘how will someone experience and interact with the product?’

Modern processes such as CNC, 3D Printing and Laser Cutting make for interesting experiments and as they are relatively young, I feel that there are many methods and processes of design still to be discovered within them. Bridging the gap between these forms of production and traditional processes is what motivates me in the workshop, taking inspiration from forms in various different industries such as glass blowing and pottery but also from natural landscapes and living organisms.

My time is mostly spent between CNC operating, working on freelance commissions, and personal projects, experiments or adventures. I have many interests within design, art and craft fields and am willing to take on a various range of projects that I feel I have something to both contribute to and learn.





2013 - 2016
Falmouth University
BA (Hons) Sustainable Product Design - 2:1

2011 - 2013
Esher College - A-level


2018 - Freelance Work
- Production manager, designer & CNC operator for Taylor Hawkes Design Studio. Working on a large scale project producing furniture for D&AD Design Festival.

- CNC operator at A Klaas Carpentry & Joinery. In charge of all CAD, CNC operations and maintenance and repairs of the machine.

- Designer & maker for Float Massive. Working on the interior fit out of three shipping containers for a meditative float centre. Being involved in hands on installation & in charge of computer modelling.

- Fabrication and rigging for Studio Makecreate, building the Levi’s London Pride float, as well as the display for their London Flagship store on Regent Street.

- Volunteered in Cambodia for an eco-resort. Where we completed a couple of building projects, such as a tree house and the stairs leading up to it, as well as building a bamboo roof for a large yoga platform. Also restoring the integrity of some of the original structures.

- Volunteered in Malaysia to help start up a Dive Resort with a cafe and camp site. This involved landscaping, building the wooden structures of the cafe and camp site as well as furniture for the resort.

- Worked for a family in New York on the general maintenance of their houses and supporting the caretaker with looking after the property.

University 2013 - 2016
- Worked on a variety of personal and team projects which required, modelling, CAD models and finished prototypes using a range of different materials and processes.

- Worked in collaboration with Amsterdam based company Westkust to experiment with sustainable alternatives to surfboard manufacture, laser cutting various different materials to create a slot together iso grid structure. As well as using a CNC mill to create other models.

- Completed small scale wooden CNC cut models for Mark Products, for a new modular furniture design that was proposed to a number of hotels and other companies.

- Won a group competition set by the Green Build Hub with a team of Product & Interior designers to fit out the interior of their new building on the Eden Project site in Cornwall.

- Exhibited work at New Designers exhibition in London for recent graduates in 2016.