Cambodia - Building & Carpentry

I spent a month  volunteering at Lonely Beach Eco resort in Korong, Cambodia. I have chosen to pursue my passions while travelling abroad to stay productive, keep my portfolio active and gain new experiences. I chose to come to this island because of the opportunity to learn skills I haven't yet had the chance to learn. I have always been interested in all aspects of creating and making things and to learn building, carpentry and joinery techniques is something I've always wanted to do. I was in a team with one other volunteer who was a carpenter from England. The opportunity to work with and learn from a professional carpenter was invaluable. We were tasked with completing a couple of the building projects at the resort, as well as maintenance of the existing bungalows.

Tree House Stairway

The first project was to complete a set of stairs that would be attached to the recently built tree house at the end of the beach. The material, workshop and tool resources we had at our exposal were extremely limited so it was a good experience learning how to make the most with what we had. Having measured the distance and amount of stairs, we then marked out and cut the grooves for the steps into the stringers. We had to chisel these out before putting them up to the tree house and screwing the stairs into place. In order to go with the visual theme of the island we decided to use driftwood for the hand rails. This process involved a lot of trial and error with whatever wood washed up on the beach and what we could retrieve from nearby bays with the SUP's. 


Bamboo Yoga Platform Roof

The next project was to create a bamboo roof for a yoga platform. This was a project I was extremely excited to be involved in, learning to construct with bamboo is something I've wanted to do for years after seeing a TED talk about the Green School in Bali. Before beginning the construction with the bamboo, we initially had to deconstruct the temporary timber roof that was already over the structure. This involved, untying, unscrewing and then adjusting the size of the 10 vertical beams that would support the bamboo lengths. Once we got the bamboo on the beams, instead of using screws and nails to construct and join the lengths we used rope knots to secure the pieces. I found this process really intriguing and interesting to learn knot work.