- Grasshopper Definition

This Grasshopper definition was created by Hans Sachs in 2011 and has been shared as open sourced on Grasshopper forums. The idea behind this definition is to allow you to create a quarter isogrid construction out of any surfboard shape or solid body. At the moment the definition is outdated and broken. This slideshow shows my attempt at fixing it so far and the stages I've gone through. Each small box is a command and the orange lines mean that there is a broken link somewhere that needs to be fixed. My aim is to attempt to fix the broken code so that Westkust Open Source Surf Design could possibly use it to create more templates for users of their designs. This construction could also be useful for other applications where a strong light structure is needed internally. I used this as an interesting and difficult project that would challenge me while I learned how to use the Grasshopper software.